Monday 19 February 2018
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Preserving Ambarees – Arabic brochure

Preserving Ambarees – English brochure

Nusroto Al Anashid Association – Zahle, Central Bekaa

Nusroto Al Anashid Association is a charity organization founded in 2005 by Father Marwan Ghanem. Besides helping the needy and ill, this...

Khayrat Bekaena COOP – El Khiara, West Bekaa

Khayrat Bekaena COOP – El Khiara, West Bekaa “Khayrat Bekaena COOP” was founded in 2013 by a group of locals from El Khiara, a small...

Launching of the project “Preservation and Promotion of Ambarees, a Traditional Caprine Dairy Product in the Bekaa Valley”

Under the Lactimed project, the Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture of Zahle & the...

Nabila Azzam, Ein Zebde

Originally from Kherbet Qanafar, married and residing in Ein Zebde, Nabila has an extensive knowledge in local cuisines and collection of...

Therese and Tony Khoury

The couple owns a family restaurant on the terrace of their modest home in Khrayzet at the entrance of Ein Zebde village. The restaurant...