Monday 18 December 2017
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Holiday cookies – Chouf, Lebanon

Kaak el Eid or Holiday cookies are traditionally prepared in the Chouf mountains of Lebanon during the Adha holiday. Big quantities of...

Sudanese Holiday Cookies

Holiday Cookies are one of the most important traditional rituals in Sudan. These cookies are prepared on several occasions such as “Eid...

Natural Fruit Liqueur – Taste&Flavors

Check out the full article in Taste&Flavors magazine.

Kaak Khamis

According to the Arsali, “kaak khamis” or Thursday cookies also known as sweet cookies (kaak helo) are prepared on Thursday preceding...

Eid el-Berbara traditional sweets

On the eve of December 3rd of each year, Lebanese people celebrate Eid el-Berbara or Saint Barbara’s. Children disguise in costumes...

Holiday Cookies

Making kaak is always a social event for the family members, friends and neighbours to gather during holidays and help each others...