Monday 19 February 2018
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Preserving Ambarees – Arabic brochure

Preserving Ambarees – English brochure

Ambarees an icon of the Lebanese Food Heritage

Labneh (strained yogurt) is a daily food item in the Lebanese diet, cherished by everyone and consumed mainly in sandwiches for breakfast....

Preservation and Promotion of Ambarees, a Traditional Caprine Dairy Product in the Bekaa Valley (2)

“Ambarees”, also known as “Sirdeleh” or “Labnet al Jarra”, is a traditional dairy product of the Bekaa Valley consisting of...

Goat milk

Traditional animal of the Mediterranean, the goat is raised in most countries of the region, for its production of milk that is almost...

Goat Labneh Balls

A vital part of Lebanese culinary heritage, labneh is basically the by-product of yogurt straining, where yogurt is placed overnight in a...

A walk with a shepherd

Who’s better than a shepherd to guide you around the Lebanese mountains and let you discover rural areas. With Boutros Bou Maroun,...