Monday 19 February 2018
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The Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) is a Lebanese non-profit organization aiming at the conservation of Lebanon’s indigenous culinary knowledge through the preservation, documentation and revival of Lebanon’s traditional food heritage.

FHF believes that local food heritage is a potent tool for economic development. It aims to increase consumers’ awareness and demand for healthy home-cooked local cuisine and produce by establishing permanent linkages between urban and rural communities through which small farmers and producers can inform about their culinary and agricultural traditions and directly sell their products.

The foundation works closely with the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit at the American University of Beirut.

At the Foundation, we believe that by preserving our ancestor’s culinary treasures, we ensure a legacy for future generations.

The Core Team of the Foundation

Mabelle Chedid – Specialist in Sustainable Farming Systems

“Originally from West Bekaa, my love for the land and the people was my drive to specialize in agricultural engineering and continue my PhD in the sustainability of farming systems. The more I travel and see new places, the more I believe that Lebanon has a great potential in being a unique food and leisure destination, if only Lebanese believe in it”

Dominique Anid – Registered Dietitian and Public Health Specialist

“As a dietitian and public health specialist, my dream is for people to know that there is more to nutrition than just calories! Learn the stories and origins of the foods you are eating, and the “why” behind your culinary traditions to a eat in a more balanced and health way!”

Nadim Rawda – Logistics and Operation Manager

“With a background in agriculture and animal sciences, my work with small producers influenced me to make my own food. I developed my line of food products and I have been participating in farmers’ markets in Lebanon for the past 10 years. I believe that food is the glue of social bonds, the medium to bring people together”

Zeinab Jeambey – Food Heritage Management Specialist

“Having worked for years in community development research, I was deeply touched by the resilience of lebanese rural women and their strong belief in their food heritage. This was my motivation to complete my studies in Food Heritage and Tourism. I believe that our food heritage is an integral part of our identity, a unique treasure that, if wisely promoted, can revive our rural areas and our agricultural system”