Monday 19 February 2018
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Rural Kitchens

Batloun Kitchen

Batloun is located in Mount Lebanon, 8 kilometers away from Shouf. Batloun kitchen is located within the premises of Batloun Cultural Club. It was renovated and equipped with the necessary equipment and tools as part of the AUB project “Wild Edible Plants: Promoting Dietary Diversity in Poor Communities”.

Once the kitchen was functional, 20 ladies joined the team of the kitchen to generate extra income for their households. The team has undergone full training on food safety and healthy cooking.

Batloun’s kitchen is famous for its healthy sweets i.e. maacaroun bi debs, asabeh bi debes (molasses based sweets)…

Aarsal Women’s Coop

Arsal is located in the Bekaa valley, 35 kilometers away from Baalbeck. Matbakh Sahha kitchen in Arsal is located in the Rural Development Community Center . The team of this kitchen is formed of four girls from Arsal Village.The team has prior experience with Conserwa Chtoura and other industries in the area. The team members attended several workshop held by different organizations and NGOs. Members of the team participated in the standardization of recipes.

In addition to their knowledge of the wild edible plants, they are specialized in organic fruits recipes i.e. dried cherry and apricot, jams etc.

Koueikh Kitchen

Koueikh is located in the Bekaa, 8 kilometers away from Hermel. Wheat represents the most common cultivated product in Koueikh. It is used for local consumption and for cattle feed. The fruit trees cultivated in this village are olive and almond trees. A major portion of the land is used as forage pastures. Most of the families depend on raising cattle for a living.

The team of Matbakh Sahha kitchen in Koueikh is formed of 5 members. The team members attended several workshops related to cooking, health, environment, and management held by AUB & OXFAM. During the year 2006 they catered several occasions within Hermel and in Beirut.

Jamaat Al Noor – Miniara

Miniara is a village located in Akkar, North Lebanon, 89 km away from Beirut. Jamaat Al Noor is a Christian women’s cooperative headed by Madame Rose El Murr. Around 20 active women work in the kitchen to produce traditional cooked meals for elderly or needy families. They also cater for events or workshops in the area. The team has been trained on food safety and hygiene practices and their kitchen has been upgraded according to safe standards.

Recently, they have welcomed 4 Syrian women to join their cooperative for the preparation and distribution of wet rations to host and refugee vulnerable families in the neighborhood.