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At the Food Heritage Foundation (FHF), we are dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and revival of Lebanon’s traditional food heritage. Our organization was born out of a deep passion for Lebanese cuisine and a profound desire to ensure that our culinary traditions are safeguarded and celebrated for generations to come.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, Food Heritage Foundation was established by a group of food enthusiasts, cultural preservationists, and culinary experts who recognized the urgent need to protect Lebanon’s unique culinary legacy. With rapid modernization and changing dietary habits, there was a risk that the traditional recipes, techniques, and stories that define our cultural identity could be lost forever.

Our mission is to preserve and promote Lebanon’s traditional food heritage as a vital part of our cultural and culinary identity. We strive to protect and celebrate the recipes, techniques, ingredients, and stories that have been passed down through generations, ensuring that they are cherished and shared with future generations.

Our Mission

Our Values

We are dedicated to preserving Lebanon’s traditional food heritage by documenting and responsibly sharing its authenticity, integrity, and diversity. Our approach is rooted in cultural respect, recognizing the historical and social contexts of culinary traditions. Sustainability is a key focus, promoting practices that support local farmers and artisans in preserving traditional ingredients and ecosystems. Through collaboration with individuals and organizations who share our passion, we strive to strengthen our collective efforts in preserving and promoting Lebanese food heritage.

What We Do

Research and Documentation

We conduct meticulous research, engaging with local communities, and delving into historical resources to document authentic recipes, culinary practices, and cultural insights.

Culinary Education

We offer workshops, classes, and educational programs that provide hands-on experiences and knowledge-sharing opportunities, helping individuals connect with their heritage through food.

Initiatives and Events

We organize events, exhibitions, and initiatives that celebrate Lebanese cuisine, such as food festivals, heritage tours, and collaborations with renowned chefs and restaurants.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with local communities, farmers, producers, chefs, and artisans to support and promote traditional culinary practices, sustainable farming, and the use of local ingredients.

Advocacy and Awareness

We advocate for the recognition and protection of Lebanon’s traditional food heritage through collaborations with cultural institutions, public awareness campaigns, and policy advocacy.

Ziko House
174 Spears Street, Sanayeh, Beirut Lebanon

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