Akleh Community Kitchen: satisfying taste buds with traditional Lebanese food

Coffee break 1

The women cooks of the Food Heritage Foundation’s community kitchen “Akleh” prepared sumptuous traditional recipes for the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship, during its conference on “Exploring an Agenda for Active Citizenship” on Sunday February 23, 2015 in AUB.

A variety of colorful traditional dishes were on the menu, such as lentil tabbouleh, potato kebbeh stuffed with labneh, frikeh with meat etc… and raw ingredients were procured from small producers and farmers spread in different Lebanese areas.

Akleh Community Kitchen creates job opportunities for housewives and ensures the building on their capacities in terms of food safety and healthy cooking techniques.

Akleh’s food was successful in satisfying the guests’ taste buds and appetite!



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