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Akletna Community Kitchen

Akletna is a network of regional community kitchens operated by women from marginalized communities that provide healthy traditional ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food from local raw material, with the aim of traditional food promotion, humanitarian relief, and for the purpose of food security.

The short value chain of this system allows rural women to directly benefit from the sales of their production in one hand, and for consumers to trace back the origin of their food in the other.

The network established a central kitchen in Beirut to assemble, package, and distribute around Beirut, as well as caters Traditional Lebanese Cuisine for events highlighting regional culinary specialties and provides daily lunch boxes to individuals. It employs women cooks from rural and urban Lebanon, and sources its bulk ingredients from local coops and small producers.

Cooking classes for foreign food amateurs in Akleh CK given by Syrio-Armenian visitor cook Araksi

FHF, with its partners, established community kitchens in rural areas; these kitchens are currently linked to food aid programs and developmental projects:

. Khayrat Bekaena COOP – El Khiara, West Bekaa

. Jamaat Al-Noor – Minyara, Akkar

. البقاع – الجمعية النسائية للتنمية الاجتماعية

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