Our garden projects

Sustainable Urban Farming at Sky Towers

Planting of winter crops in the raised garden beds within the Sky Towers greenhouse

In the midst of the multiple crises Lebanon is going through, achieving food security for urban dwellers has become a priority. However, itโ€™s important that this food is produced in a sustainable way that preserves natural resources and boosts biodiversity.

Gardening beds being prepared

Back in June 2020, FHF in collaboration with ESDU and CIBCO (Real Estate Beirut) initiated work on a sustainable urban farming project in the Sky Towers residential complex in New Doha. The project aims to  showcase sustainable farming in an urban setting, and includes different farming components such as the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, aromatic plants, free-range egg production and compost.

FHF team assessing the site in the early stages of the project

The sustainable project will also involve hiking trails in the pine forest around the complex and is expected to offer workshops on permaculture and organic production to amateurs. The residents of the towers will not only have access to healthy greens, but will also contribute to compost making by sorting their trash after receiving a training from FHF experts.

The sustainable urban farming project is expected to be completed in early 2021.

Clearing of debris in the pine forest on the project site
Composting unit on the project site
Public seating area in the pine forest surrounding Sky Towers
Gravel path leading to the entrance of one of the greenhouses
Raised garden beds in between Sky Towers and the greenhouse
Greenhouse vegetable garden on the project site
Sustainable gardening beds on the project site
ESDU agricultural engineer Towfik Gharzedine looking after the greenhouse vegetable garden
Plant irrigation system on the project site
Organic tomatoes growing in the greenhouse
Green chili peppers growing in the greenhouse
Our garden projects

Amel Urban Garden – Ain el Remmaneh

Winter crops: beautiful cabbages!

The entrance of Amel Association center in Ain el Remmaneh, Beirut suburb, was transformed into a vegetable garden producing seasonal veggies and herbs!

The ladies at the center filling up the up-cycled plastic bottles of the vertical garden

Due to the efforts of the center community, combined with the great enthusiasm of the center manager Ms. Nayiri, and FHF agricultural experts, the garden is now partly supplying the center’s catering kitchen with fresh organic ingredients!

Even small concrete boxes can be grown! In the picture: summer tomatoes ๐Ÿ™‚

The ladies of the center were trained on environmentally friendly agricultural practices to make sure their garden production is healthy and safe for consumption.

Planting herbs (basil)

Our garden projects

Malaak Kitchen Garden

Al-Hiraki Community Kitchen Garden at Malaak Educational Center in Halba – North of Lebanon

After establishing the community kitchen in Malaak center, the idea was to link the kitchen to a garden in order to ensure part of the raw material required for cooking. Preparation for the garden started in October 2016 with a series of training sessions addressed to the kitchen/garden team. When time for practical work has come, not only the kitchen ladies were interested in participating in the planting activities, but the kids at the center were eager to take part as well!

Fall 2016, when it all began: during the first day, the horizontal and vertical kits were put in place

With guidance of FHF agricultural engineers, a beautiful garden has seen the light by mid-winter when cabbages, leaks, garlic, onions etc. were planted; and more beautiful results of the hard work appeared in spring!!

With the combined efforts of FHF team, the ladies and kids from the center, the garden is currently contributing to a significant part of the kitchenโ€™s fresh and organic ingredients! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kids building a small greenhouse with available recyclable material