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Cheese making in Juzurna Buzurna farm

Safety comes first. Photo ©Juzurna Buzurna

After months of confinement and social distancing, FHF team is actively back to working in the field and with communities. The team is resuming the training cycle on food processing which started in November 2019 and was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Theoretical and practical sessions are delivered to 20 families Juzurna Buzurna (JB) farm in Saadnayel, Bekaa. These workshop sessions covering different topics like food safety, innovation in mouneh, dairy processing and sun-drying, are delivered in the framework of “Rizk el Waqf” project implemented by JB with support of the German Cooperation (BMZ).  

The first session of this year, was on dairy production where participants learned how to make Akkawi, Halloum and Baladi cheeses. The session was interactive as usual, and the participants enjoyed preparing different kind of cheeses made with fresh milk from Juzurna Buzurna farm.

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