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Circassian Holiday Cookies

Circassian cuisine is simple and generally aims to give as much calories as possible with minimal load and raw materials. Flour is an essential component of most Circassian foods. “Laqom” or Circassian cookies are usually served with tea on occasions and serve as snacks while traveling as they maintain their characteristics for many days.

We would like to thank Mrs. Shan Tsai from Jordan, for her contribution.

Preparation time:  5 hours

Total Serving: 100 cookies


4 cups of powdered milk

2 kg of flour

3 eggs

250 g of butter

1.5 kg of sugar

1 tbsp. of instant yeast

1 tsp. of carbonate

Vegetable oil for frying

Preparation steps:

  1. Divide the milk equally into 2 cups of cold milk and 2 cups hot milk
  2. Beat the eggs and add them to the cold milk
  3. In a separate bowl, add the butter to the hot milk
  4. In a glass, mix some warm water with a tablespoon of sugar, then add the yeast
  5. Add the sugar to hot milk and mix until sugar dissolves
  6. In a big bowl, add the hot to the cold milk mixtures and mix well
  7. Gradually add the flour to the mixture while kneading
  8. Leave the dough to rest for 3 hours (the dough bowl can be placed in another container with hot water and covered to keep it warm and to ensure fermentation)
  9. After 3 hours, cut the dough into equal pieces of the desired size and leave to rest for half an hour
  10. Fry the cookies in hot oil
  11. Serve the cookies after sprinkling them with powdered sugar



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