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Eco Khalleh for agroecology and organic agriculture

The greenhouse where organic veggies are planted

Eco Khalleh ( is an agroecology and organic agriculture training and education center in Baaqlin – Shouf, Lebanon.

The center is a multifunctional showcase consisting of an eco-farm including integrated animal and crop units, composting and vermiculture unit, alternative energy unit, eco-processing unit, eco-cultural unit, and rural tourism unit. The center, while economically feasible, displays best practices and appropriate technologies that are optimal for agriculture in Mediterranean mountain ecosystems. Training activities target students, farmers and Syrian casual labor. The center also receives school visits and is open to public for general awareness.

Visit to the farm from AUB students

Beside the educational mission, Eco Khalleh is committed to preserve and transmit culinary traditions. The sheep and goat milk which is gained on the farm is used to produce the traditional Sirdelleh cheese. According to the season, climate smart Mouneh, solar sun-dried fruits and vegetables as well as delicious syrups of roses, mulberry and many more are produced. This contributes also to preserving the rural biodiversity.

Barley sprouts produced to feed the animals on the farm

The center makes an effort to implement innovative ecological methods. Although the farm does not have an organic certificate yet, their production methods and products are to the greatest possible extend natural and ecological. Lately a sprouting room was built to produce their own feed for the animals on the farm.

The tree-house under construction

Fresh seasonal vegetables, open-range chicken and grass-fed eggs are available and can be delivered to your house.

For naturalists and purists, Eco Khalleh also offers to spend the night in a beautiful tree house built from natural materials.

For your inquiries contact Toufic Gharzeddine on +961 70765815

The little sheep herd 🙂

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