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Eid el-Berbara traditional sweets

eid barbara

On the eve of December 3rd of each year, Lebanese people celebrate Eid el-Berbara or Saint Barbara’s. Children disguise in costumes and knock on the neighbours’ door singing “Heshle Berbara wel ameh bel couara“. This Holiday refers to Berbara (300 A.D.) who escaped her pagan dad. Her father sent his soldiers after her because she converted into Christianism. It is told that she disguised and ran away through fields of wheat.


Different sweets are prepared on this special occasion such as Atayef (similar to pancakes) filled with a mixture of sugar and grounded walnut, or with Ashta cream and served with a sugary syrup Kater with orange blossom and rose water.


Boiled wheat or Kamhiye is also prepared and enjoyed on Eid el-Berbara, and which consists of boiled wheat with sugar and anis and topped with nuts and raisins.

Other sweets include crunchy Mshabbak, Ouweymat and Maacaroun!

eid barbara