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Ein Zebde, West Bekaa


One of the highest villages of West Bekaa, Ein Zebde is 72 km away from the Beirut, located on the foothills of the Barouk Mountain. It is surrounded by Kherbet Kanafar to the north and Saghbine to the south.

Origin of the name

The village’s name refers to the many water sources and springs surrounding it and that are main sources of the Litani River. Elderlies from Ein Zebde say that the village was once called the “Home of Halal” in reference to its agricultural abundance in legumes, fruits and vegetables, which made it a main food resource for other villages in the Bekaa Valley.

In July 2014, the village’s municipality in collaboration with the Shouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve have inaugurated the newly renovated water spring at the heart of the village. In the public square by the water spring, visitors can enjoy some quit time under the shade of the Old Oak tree, one of the many that surround and embrace this charming village.

Ein Zebde Trail Sign


Ein Zebde is abundant in fruits, vegetables namely peach and apples and crop production especially onions and small red potatoes. During the onion harvest season, the village’s porches are lined with onion bags, in preparation for the winter preserves.

Ein Zebde Peach Fields

Visiting Ein Zebde

This charming village has a lot to offer when you are passing by it. Local guides and farmers can take you on a nice stride in the surrounding hills amongst oak trees and wild plants. During the wild edible plant season, hosts on the food trail will take you into the many orchards surrounding the village in order to learn about these plants and eat some of the traditional salads and turnovers. Ein Zebde is also known by its annual celebration of the Feast of the Cross where village women prepare and sell tons of pieces of Potato Kebbeh, stuffed with labne and kawarma and baked over charcoal fire, in order  to raise funds for the church.

Kebbet batata

And while staying at Ein Zebde Bed and Breakfast, don’t forget to ask for the succulent traditional dish characteristic of this village “Mansoufeh” made of pumpkin and bulgur balls, cooked with caramelized onions and flavored with sour grape juice, a true trophy to every gourmand!