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Elissar Temrez, Maasser el Shouf

A mother of three, Elissar is married to Chawki, a farmer both in practice and at heart, a true lover of mother earth. Elissar and her husband have several orchards in which they mainly plant tomato jabaliye, olives and figs.

Akkoub kebbeh (Eryngo) one of Elissar's specialties

Akkoub kebbeh (Gundelia) one of Elissar’s specialties

In season, her husband will be glad to take you fig-picking after a delightful breakfast at Elissar’s balcony. Her delicious Tlameh bi bayd is one of the many local dishes that Elissar would serve you for breakfast. She is equally skilled for making mouneh and especially dried figs and tomato paste, all products from her land, cultivated with much care and love by her husband.