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“Ghtas” or “Deyem Deyem”


Ghtas” is a Christian feast day celebrated on January 6. On this day, Eastern Christians commemorate the Baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the river of Jordan; they greet each other by saying “Deyim Deyim”, wishing each others blessings and prosperity.

Regarding the food prepared on this occasion, special sweets, of different shapes, are made. These are mainly deep-fried in oil then dipped in syrup. The small ball-shaped ones are called “Ouwaymat” which means “floating” for the fact that these balls float when they are dipped in syrup. As for the elongated sweets, they are called “Zlabia” and served with powdered sugar. According to old people, the elongated form of the “Zlabia” represents the index of John the Baptist that was pointing at Jesus.

Other traditions on this Holy Day consist of putting a bottle of water under the Christmas tree and keep the patio lights on to welcome Jesus who passes by at midnight and spreads His blessings among people.


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