Gardening sessions organized by FHF in collaboration with IECD

The kids are happy with their garden!

During the months of June and July 2017, the foundation was pleased to collaborate with the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (iecd) and introduce gardening classes in the summer school program held in the educational center Janah in Sabtieh.

Practical session in class: how does a seed evolve into a plant?

Around 90 students from Syrian refugee communities benefited from these classes which aimed at introducing the basics of agriculture and teach the young students the production of healthy food.

Identifying the different types of soil

The students were eager to start their own vegetable garden which included seasonal veggies, aromatic plants and ornamental flowers as well.

The girls deciding on what to plant

They learned how to identify pests, beneficial insects and weeds and how to make their own compost!

Waiting for their turn to plant

FHF team was very happy to know that many of the students planted small gardens at home and implemented what they have been taught!

The kids even made traps to monitor pests
Tomatoes, strawberries, basil and more!

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