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Initiation of the gardening workshops at Sonbola summer camp

The kids actively participating in cleaning their garden and preparing it for planting

We are glad to announce that the collaboration with Sonbola has been this summer 2018 through the establishment of an environmentally-friendly vegetable garden at Sonbola center in Anjar – Bekaa.  The garden will be created through a series of gardening workshops delivered by FHF trainers twice every week between August and September. About 45 Syrian refugee kids will participate in three classes divided by age. FHF team, Nadim, Towfik and Anjuli, will be on site to train and assist the students in the school garden.

Learning under the tree…like old days 🙂

The kids and young adults will be taught about Vegetable production. Together with their teachers, they will follow-up on the development of their plants every day. Vegetables will be planted in the school garden designed together with the students, and following organic farming practices to ensure the produced food is healthy. A composting unit will be put in place and students will learn how to produce compost for their garden. A yearly calendar will be developed for the gardener and selected ambassadors to follow year-round.

The little gardeners preparing the planting plot

The workshops aim to rise awareness of the environment and natural resources. The kids will be trained on sustainable agriculture and composting as well as plant protection. All in all, the students will learn to understand nature and how to protect the environment.

In the classroom

Therewith FHF will contribute to the vision of Sonbola by empowering and equipping Syrian refugee kids and young adults “with relevant learning skills and connected with learning to contribute in shaping their future and the future of their country”.

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