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Grilled potato kebbeh stuffed with goat labneh

Kebbet batata

Potato kebbeh or kebbit batata is typical of the West Bekaa villages. It can be consumed fried or grilled for a healthier option. It is usually stuffed with goat labneh with or without kawarma.

Total servings: 12 pieces



1 kg of boiled and peeled potato

5 kg of fine red bulgur

½ cup of white flour (sometimes substituted with leftover bread crumbs)


100 g of goat labneh

2 tbsp of kawarm (optional)

1 grated onion

1 tsp dried mint

Salt and white pepper to taste

Preparation steps:

  1. Smash the potato then combine with bulgur and flour
  2. In a separate bowl, mix the labneh with kawarma, onion, dried mint and spices
  3. Form kebbeh balls, the size of a gold ball
  4. Hold the kebbeh in one hand and with the index of the other hand, make a whole in it while turning the kebbeh and pressing it against the palm of your hand to widen it
  5. With a spoon, stuff the kebbeh with the labneh mixture
  6. Close the kebbeh and press it to obtain a flattened kebbeh
  7. Grill the kebbeh on charcoal on both sides


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