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How to eat wild plants in your backyard

Getting back to our roots, to the places our food came from, is one of the cornerstones of understanding and appreciating our food heritage. That includes learning about foods that may have once provided nutrition and balance for people hundreds of years ago, but are no longer eaten in modern times.

One of those foods isn’t as hard to find as you might think—it’s probably right in your own yard. That’s because many of the plants that are considered weeds are actually chock-full of vitamins and nutrients. Most edible weeds have features that help to distinguish them from other non-edible and possibly toxic weeds, making them easier for you to pick out.

Weeds lost their appeal when our diets became domesticated—when we started eating the same things no matter where we lived. Today, as long as you stay away from poisonous plants, you’ll be set. Use this graphic to get started with some better backyard eating.

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