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Launching the “Manouche Box”

All the resources you need to make the best manouche!

Despite the chaotic situation in the country and the negative vibes that are prevailing, new socially responsible collaborations are still seeing the light, hence proving the hope of the young Lebanese in a Lebanon they dream about.

The Food Heritage Foundation is very pleased to announce its recent collaboration with Key Sixteen, a travel agency based in Antwerp, Belgium, through the socially engaged mouneh products initiative “Food and Roots“, to launch the “Manouche box”. During the event that was held on 12 October, 2021 in Beit el Deir in Deir el Qamar, the partners introduced the guests to the Manouche Box collaboration and its social impact. A live cooking session with Barbara Massaad was also organized during the event.

The Manouche Box contains authentic “Food and Roots” preserve products which are traditionally made from locally grown products by carefully chosen small Lebanese producers and farmers from across Lebanon’s rural areas. The box includes a range of 7 products: thyme, thyme with nuts, tapenade (olive paste), tomato paste, carob molasses, mulberry jam and chili paste. Each product in the box holds an authentic taste of Lebanon and a refined look that fits modern standards and taste. The Manouche box will be sold mainly in Europe through the Seven Shelves E-commerce website

Following  the event, 400 Manoushe were baked and distributed by Association Bassma to families in need in the Chouf region.

A cooking session was organized for the volunteers in FHF’s Akletna community kitchen in Beirut

Furthermore, volunteers from Key Sixteen and Seven Shelves were hosted by the Food Heritage Foundation for a week as part of their social impact mission in Lebanon. The volunteers prepared Lebanese mezza dishes in FHF’s Akletna community Kitchen, and helped a local cooperative in preparing seasonal mouneh products; they also participated with the farmers in olive picking on “Darb el Karam” food tourism program, and played board games with the kids in a local school as part of their social activities. Finally, the volunteers toured the Eco Khalleh educational center farm in Baaqlin where they attended training sessions on mouneh preparations and food preservation.

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