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Lina & Joseph Haddad, Kherbet Qanafar

Lina & Joseph Haddad
Lina baking her famous “kaak b haleeb”

Lina never thought that one day, she would become a food producer. After many years in kinder-garden teaching, she found herself without a job and found the answer to her income generation in the lands of her parents. Her first product ever? Mulberry syrup.  10 years now into mouneh making, Lina is well known for the quality of her products in neighbouring villages. For some, she is the “Kaak” lady, for others she is the Queen of Pumpkin Jam. For us, she is a great host, an amazing food producer but most importantly the symbol of perseverance, a woman entrepreneur who never flinch in front of life challenges, always ready for adventures and trying new things.

The colorful table at Lina's house
The colorful table at Lina’s house

At her Table d’hôte, you can enjoy a meal full of fresh ingredients collected in her garden and in her land, and with baladi products all made by her. In season, you can also participate in mouneh making, preparing tomato paste, mulberry syrup, pumpkin jam and more.  On harsh winter nights, have dinner at Lina’s house while making milk cookies (Kaak bi Haleeb) on wood fire.

At Lina's table d'hote, learn how to prepare "kaak el eid"
At Lina’s table d’hote, learn how to prepare “kaak b haleeb”

Meet her husband, Josef Haddad, and pick “Jabaliye” tomatoes with him in the green plains of Kherbet Qanafar.

Visitors making tomato paste at Lina's
Visitors making tomato paste at Lina’s