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Malaak Kitchen Garden

Al-Hiraki Community Kitchen Garden at Malaak Educational Center in Halba – North of Lebanon

After establishing the community kitchen in Malaak center, the idea was to link the kitchen to a garden in order to ensure part of the raw material required for cooking. Preparation for the garden started in October 2016 with a series of training sessions addressed to the kitchen/garden team. When time for practical work has come, not only the kitchen ladies were interested in participating in the planting activities, but the kids at the center were eager to take part as well!

Fall 2016, when it all began: during the first day, the horizontal and vertical kits were put in place

With guidance of FHF agricultural engineers, a beautiful garden has seen the light by mid-winter when cabbages, leaks, garlic, onions etc. were planted; and more beautiful results of the hard work appeared in spring!!

With the combined efforts of FHF team, the ladies and kids from the center, the garden is currently contributing to a significant part of the kitchen’s fresh and organic ingredients! πŸ™‚

Kids building a small greenhouse with available recyclable material

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