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Nusroto Al Anashid Association – Zahle, Central Bekaa

Nusroto Al Anashid Association is a charity organization founded in 2005 by Father Marwan Ghanem. Besides helping the needy and ill, this association offers a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

Ladies preparing "roz aa djeij" in Zahle CK
Ladies preparing “roz aa djeij” in Zahle CK

In 2015, IOCC and FHF initiated their work with the association to establish a community kitchen in their center. A team of local and Syrian ladies were trained on food safety, healthy nutrition and recipes’ standardization. In parallel, an existing kitchen within the association was refurbished and equipped to cater for hundreds of vulnerable families in the area. Hot meals distribution was launched in December 2015. Despite some challenges at first, given the sensitive aspects supported by the association, the interactions within the CK and during the distribution unveiled success stories as ex drug addicts were volunteering and proudly helping to deliver the food to the vulnerable families.

Implementing Partners: IOCC

Funders: Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH)

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