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Olive Harvest

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Ancient as time, the olive tree forms part of the identity of every mediterranean person. Indigenous to these lands, it has often symbolized peace, prosperity and blessing. An integral part of the Lebanese diet, olives and olive oil are a must at every meal.

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For this reason, it is essential that we get to know this ancient tree and know the people who care for it, harvest it and process its much esteemed fruits.

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On the Olive trail, the food trail proposes the olive harvest activity as well as the visit of the olive mill, where you can enjoy a day in the olive orchard, learning from farmers about the harvest techniques, harvesting olives and witnessing olive oil extraction following the traditional and modern processing methods.

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The day is not complete without tasting local dishes made with olive oil and when in season, you will get to appreciate the taste of the freshly crushed olives with coarse salt, a trophy for every gourmet person!