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Pomegranate molasses – debs el remmen

Pomegranate molasses is a basic ingredient in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine as it adds a lot of flavors to an array of traditional dishes such as “sfeeha” and “lahm b ajeen”, “fattoush” salad, braised “makanek” and meat etc.

Sour pomegranate fruits are collected during fall season – October – to prepare this thick concentrate. The preparation steps are easy, but the procedure is a long one and needs patience.

Organic pomegranates displayed in Souk aal Souk – Farmers’ market

Preparation steps:

  1. First of all, the pomegranate fruits are seeded
  2. Juice is then extracted from the seeds using a tomato squeezer. If you wish to prepare pomegranate molasses at home, on a small scale, you can use a food processor/blender to squeeze the seeds.
  3. Once the juice is extracted, it is brought to boil on a medium fire.
  4. When the juice starts boiling, the fire is lowered and the juice is left to simmer with occasional stirring (every 10 minutes).
  5. The molasses is ready when the total volume of juice is reduced by around 80%.
  6. The final product is a thick and brown sweet and tangy syrup. It is packed with nutrients.
The pomegranate seeds are separated
The juice is extracted using a “tomato squeezer”
The white seeds are separated and discarded
The beautiful crimson juice is collected
The pomegranate juice is transferred to a pot for boiling
The juice is left to boil until it is reduced by 80% of its volume

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