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Qaisar Chedid, Saghbine

Qaisar in the field during onion harvest season

Qaisar has been working the land all his life, taking on farming after his father. He mainly plants two crops: salamouni and regular onions and apples. He is one of the last onion farmers in Saghbine and its surrounding villages to still plant salamouni onions, a local variety of onions that is long and firm in shape and often pungent in taste.

When fully grown, these onions pop up from the surface of the earth and their harvest is an easy task. The best time to do so is early morning before sunrise, when the dew is still covering the earth, making it easy to hand pluck the onions.

Qaisar knows all about onion planting, flowering and harvesting season and is happy to have people over at his landing assisting him in onion harvesting and learning about this crop that characterized Saghbine since a long time.