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Raed Zeidan, Mrosti


Raed Zaidan never originally thought of becoming a beekeeper but after his father suffered an accident, he found himself assisting with the family beekeeping business. In 1992 Zeidan discovered and gathered a naturally occuring beehive, motivating him to start his own beekeeping business. Twenty years later and Zeidan now teaches beekeeping in the technical agricultural school of Baakline, passing on the trade to to new generations.

He moves his bees several times a year, allowing them to forage in the flowers from which he  wants to produce honey; from orange blossom located east of Tyre to wild flowers and thistle blossoms found at mild and higher altitudes. Towards the end of  september, Zeidan places his beehives in areas where Inula blossoms, so that his bees collect their winter reserves from the nectar of this nutritious plant for the harshest days of winter.

Raed will host you for a beekeeping and honey extraction activity in Mresti where you will get to know more about the life of bees, the cycle of honey production and much more.