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Raymonda Nakhleh, Kherbet Qanafar


A mother of two, originally from the capital Beirut, Raymonda got married, moved to Kherbet Qanafar in West Bekaa and became a kindergarden teacher since. Creative by nature, she found in food and moune making a space for exercising her skill and in the garden surrounding her house, the place to care for her fruits.

Raymonda and her husband are most known in West Bekaa for distilling alcohol, making Arak and homemade wine. Along with Lebanon’s traditional drink, Raymonda collects mulberry from her backyards and makes her line of mulberry products: mulberry syrup, jam and compote. Watching Raymonda at work and listening to her story with mouneh making is a fascinating experience. she says it best with her own words ” I am in constant competition with myself to innovate. I work with all my senses”.