Where to eat and sleep

Salim el Achkar, Khreibet el Shouf

Salim Ashkar

Many of those who visit the Shouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve and walk its trails have had a meal or sleep over at El Achkar Guesthouse. This marvellous old house, hidden in a small street in Khreibet el Shouf,  covered with green leaves is the perfect place for a weekend recluse, away from the daily noises of the city.

Salim, the owner of the guesthouse, explains how ecotourism changed his life. Originally working his constructor, Salim was approached by ecotourism specialists 10 years ago with the idea of hosting people in his house. After getting a fund from USAID, he renovated the house and equipped to be able to receive 20 people. Currently he operates as a full time Bed and Breakfast and his residence is listed as one of LMT guesthouses.

Salim preparing the backyard garden to receive his guests
Salim preparing the backyard garden to receive his guests

His mother, a witty lady with an amazing sense of humour, is the main food orchestrator behind the scenes.

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Forming part of the food trail, Salim and his mom will serve you seasonal menus highlighting traditional specialties from the Shouf.

Omayshe served with roasted onions
Omayshe served with roasted onions

Omayshe with grilled onions, Mansoufet el Shouf and Tomato Kebbeh are few of the dishes that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Table d’hôte Salim El Achkar.

Tel: +961 5 311 999 – +961 3 354 558

Capacity: 15 persons