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Social and Economic Empowerment to Women in Nahr El-Bared Camp

The Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) in collaboration with Mercy USA is providing a set of interactive workshops for Palestinian ladies in the Women Program Association (WPA) in Nahr El-Barid Camp. The workshop sessions cover different topics related to food service and provide practical information to guide the ladies on the food service chain from the purchasing of raw ingredients all the way to marketing of products. Some of the topics that are being covered during the training sessions are: food safety and hygiene practices, food purchasing, kitchen management, packaging and labeling etc.

Training on sun-drying in WPA center in Nahr el-Barid

Before starting the training sessions, a situational assessment of WPA kitchen was done by the FHF team in order to upgrade the kitchen to meet the food safety standards and to tailor the training workshops based on the needs.

The project which started in February 2018, aims to support the ladies by improving their access to the local market in order to ameliorate their socio-economic status. Women are encouraged to build up their own businesses in several fields such as mouneh making, pastries or sweets preparation.

The women participating in the workshops are enjoying the sessions and are being very enthusiastic about learning new information and techniques that will help them in starting their small businesses.


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