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Souk aal Souk visiting Lycée Abdel Kader


On December 12, 2015 Souk aal Souk – Farmers’ Market visited Lycée Abdel-Kader in Beirut offering to students, their parents and teachers a wide variety of traditional healthy food produced by local food artisans. However, it was not a regular souk this time as educational activities were organized by the Food Heritage Foundation team involving volunteers and the producers as well.

Organic fruits and vegetables proposed by the Healthy Basket
Organic fruits and vegetables proposed by the Healthy Basket

Maurice explained to students how to extract honey and what are the different types that we can make, Abou Qassem showcased thyme and sumac grounding, the traditional way, Amani proudly talked about her natural apple juice that she makes from her own apples…

Demonstration of making zaatar and sumac

The students enjoyed learning about where their food comes from and how it is made, they met the producers and heard their stories. The students also participated in nutrition education and recycling activities.

The nutrition corner of the souk
The nutrition corner of the souk

Souk aal Souk is ready to visit other schools this upcoming year, to teach students where and how their food is made and to give them tips on healthy eating habits!



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