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Souk Aal Souk - Farmers' Market

 Souk aal Souk  farmer’s market aims at promoting organic and healthy food of local farmers and small producers from different Lebanese areas. It intends to build and strengthen linkages between urban residents and rural producers by offering city residents access to healthy traditional food, and direct contact with the producers. Furthermore, it aims at promoting the food heritage to the urban residents.
Souk aal Souk farmer’s market, a ten-year-strong initiative launched in 2013, has evolved into a vibrant tapestry of Lebanon’s agricultural richness, connecting urban residents with over 50 local farmers and small producers from diverse regions. The market stands as a testament to the enduring significance and lasting impact it has had on promoting organic, healthy, and traditional food choices.

In collaboration with the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) of the American University of Beirut and the support of Waterfront City Cares, Souk aal Souk has not only provided a marketplace for fresh, locally sourced products but has also contributed significantly to the education and empowerment of participating farmers. Training sessions on food safety, organic farming, and good agricultural practices have equipped these individuals with valuable knowledge, setting the stage for improved farming practices across Lebanon.

Beyond its weekly presence, Souk aal Souk establishes itself as a fixture of sustainable living every Thursday at the American University of Beirut. This strategic location within an academic institution underscores the market’s commitment to reaching a diverse audience, offering students and faculty alike direct access to a wide array of fresh, locally produced goods. The market’s presence on campus fosters a culture of sustainable and healthy living, weaving itself into the daily lives of the university community.

However, Souk aal Souk’s influence is not confined to the university setting. The initiative organizes farmers’ markets monthly, taking its vibrant atmosphere to schools and diverse areas around Lebanon. This mobile approach ensures that the benefits of the market reach different communities across the country, becoming a dynamic force for sustainable agriculture and community building.

As Souk aal Souk marks its decade-long journey, it stands not just as a market but as a dynamic force shaping the landscape of sustainable agriculture, community bonds, and the preservation of Lebanon’s rich food heritage. With a growing number of producers, expanding educational collaborations, and a commitment to promoting healthy, locally sourced products, Souk aal Souk is poised to continue its transformative impact for years to come.

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