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Naoumi (النعومي) originally refers to a sweet snack prepared with crushed roasted chickpeas (Qdameh – قضامة صفراء) mixed with sugar and drizzled with orange blossom… Read More »Naoumi


Meghle is a Lebanese dessert based on a powdered rice pudding flavoured with different spices like anise, cinnamon and caraway and decorated with nuts. Traditionally,… Read More »Meghle


Kamhiyeh is a delicious and nutritious dessert usually prepared for Eid el Berbara or St Barbara’s day on the 4th of December. The name derives from its main… Read More »Kamhiyeh


Zlebye is a traditional dessert prepared by Lebanese Christians celebrating the baptism of Jesus by John the baptist, on January 6 of each year. This… Read More »Zlebye