Travel Lebanon 2016


For its third participation in Travel Lebanon event of the Garden Show and Spring Festival that took place during the week of 24-28 May 2016 at Beirut Hippodrome, the Food Heritage Foundation transformed its stand into a “Saj Bar” and hosted everyday different ladies from various Lebanese regions to prepare their saj specialties.

Chef Barza with the ladies from Miniara
Chef Barza with the ladies from Miniara

Visitors had the chance to taste saj manakeesh from Beirut, Miniara-Akkar, Arsal-Northern Bekaa, Ain Zebde-West Bekaa and Nabatiyeh-South of Lebanon.

Chef Joe Barza, a great supporter of the foundation was present everyday to help the ladies and add his magical touch to the served saj manakeesh.

The Food Heritage Foundation tent in Travel Lebanon 2016
The Food Heritage Foundation tent in Travel Lebanon 2016


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Travel Lebanon 2015

Travel Lebanon-14

This year, discover Lebanon’s culinary heritage through saj!

Manakish, fatayer and bread will be on our daily menus of Travel Lebanon at the Garden Show 2015.

Producers from 5 Lebanese regions will prepare their saj specialties, as well as other foods and drinks “highlights” of
their villages.

The Food Heritage Foundation will be promoting its food heritage trail darb el karam in West Bekaa and Higher Shouf, project implemented in collaboration with the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit of AUB and the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, and supported by USAID in the framework of LIVCD program.

May 26-30, Beirut Hippodrome, 5-11 pm