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Georges Abou Hamad, Saghbine

Georges leading a group from Groupement Social Scout - Jounieh
Georges leading a group from Groupement Social Scout – Jounieh in Saghbine

Born in Saghbine in 1965, Georges served in the Lebanese army for 25 years. Today, he is a full-time mechanic and owns an automobile repair shop in his hometown. Georges loves hiking and has been sharing this passion with his family and friends for the past 20 years or more. He knows the mountains and valleys of Saghbine very well, including every stream, pond and old tree!

Georges will guide you through the breathtaking landscape of darb el karam villages in West Bekaa and share with you secrets and tips on how to survive in the wild, gained from his experience in the army.

West Bekaa Villages

Aitanit, West Bekaa

79 Km away from Beirut, Aitanit is a small village at the foot of mount Niha in West Bekaa, overlooking the Qaraoun Lake.

The name “Aitanit”, as believed by the villagers, derives from “Ain” which means water source in Arabic and “Tanit” a Berber goddess, goddess of maternity and fertility, who was worshiped in the Western Mediterranean and relates to the Phoenician goddess Ishtar. The village is renowned for its historical church of St Georges, where Patriarch Kyrilos Kyrilos was buried. The church which was recently renovated, safeguarding its ancient and beautiful arches, was listed on Lebanon’s religious tourism list. The agricultural lands of Aitanit exceed its residential area, and are mainly cultivated with apple and olive trees. Aitanit is famous for its olive mill that combines both traditional and new olive pressing techniques. The beautiful mountains of Aitanit host part of the trails of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) and its bed and breakfast is an LMT listed guesthouse.

Food Tourism Activities

A walk with a shepherd

Botrous Bou Maroun, a descendant from a family of long history and knowledge in goat keeping

Who’s better than a shepherd to guide you around the Lebanese mountains and let you discover rural areas. With Boutros Bou Maroun, the shepherd from Saghbine, you will walk in the countryside and  get informed about the landscapes you pass through.

Ammo Botrous knows the name of every single goat in his herd!

On the trail of the Baladi Goat, 3ammo Botrous will delight you with stories about his goats and the wild plants they eat. He knows his goats one by one and calls them by their names!