Saturday 24 September 2022
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Mansoufeh: A Flavorful Dish from West Bekaa and Al Chouf

Mansoufeh is a comfort food in West Bekaa villages like Kherbet Qanafar, Ain Zebdeh and Mashgara and in villages across the Chouf district....

The Heritage Guardians: Lina Haddad Tomato Paste Producer

Known for its abundant tomatoes, Kherbet Qanafar in West Bekaa produces some of the tastiest tomato paste in Lebanon. As part of the...

Rural dinner for Association Léba and ADLF

The Food Heritage Foundation’s Darb al Karam received guests mostly from Europe with Lebanese roots on Tuesday August 7, 2018....

The Wild Edible Plants Trail

The Olive Trail

The Harvest Trail

The Jabali Tomato Trail

The Goat Trail

Holiday Cookies – Mashghara, Lebanon

In the village of Mashghara, West Bekaa of Lebanon, Holiday Cookies are called “Akras” or “Krass” أقراص referring to the...

Holiday Cookies – Kherbet Qanafar, Lebanon

This recipe of holiday cookies was sent to us by Mrs. Lina Saade from Kherbet Qanafar, a beautiful village in the West Bekaa of Lebanon. ...