Thank you letter from Anjuli

Promoting FHF activities in their monthly Farmers’ Market Souk aal Souk in AUB

Four very exciting and impressive months of my internship at the Food Heritage Foundation are now coming to an end. Time pasted by so fast.

My name is Anjuli Weigelt and I am a student at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. At the beginning of this year, I completed my bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. I conducted the internship at FHF as part of my second bachelor’s degree in History and Culture of the Middle East with a focus on Islamic studies.

Since June, I have supported the work of the small team in all the nooks and crannies in the office, as well as on-site. I was able to participate in the implementation of new business standards and I had the opportunity to participate in every administrative subject. Fundraising was one of my main tasks. In addition, I was able to represent and introduce the work of FHF at some events. I also represented the NGO at Farmers’ Markets and “Souk aal Souk”, where I stood on stands and campaigned for support. Above all, I was in charge of the School Gardening Project with Sonbola. I got the chance to act independently as an interface between the representatives in the office and those on-site. This project was challenging, and it greatly promoted my ability to work abroad within multi-national teams with different backgrounds.

I learned a lot about Lebanese food traditions, like Ambarees, Mouneh and Saj, which I have never heard about before. I got the chance to try delicious homemade, healthy and vegetarian food. The variety of cheese and sweets as well as bread related dishes are breathtaking. Beside this, I met tremendous welcoming and warm-hearted people not just within the NGO by itself.

I would recommend every student to apply as an intern at FHF. The work is exciting, teaches you lot for your future and most importantly, you get an incredible insight perspective of the work of a small Lebanese NGO.

I am very grateful for the time I spent and enriched the team of The Food Heritage Foundation. I’m sure we stay in contact!

Thank you and all the best,


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