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The Gorayeb family, Saghbine

Fadi Sharara

At the Ghorayeb family business, one can experience the entire process of dairy production and bulgur. With more than 40 years of experience in dairy production, the mother – Amale Ghorayeb – decided to open her own business of goat milk dairy products. Tante Amale takes milk from shepherds in her village and other surrounding villages, a true ode to local production and Km Zero.

With time, and assisted with her daughter Grace, she extended her business to include cow milk processing and to develop her line of mouneh.

Following her footsteps, her son Fadi, opened a wheat mill and a bakery for mana’ish; he processes wheat to make different grades of bulgur while his wife manages the bakery which makes all sorts of mana’ish and pastries.

Amale and her daughter Grace always smiling to their visitors
Amale and her daughter Grace always smiling to their visitors. Picture ©Barbara Massaad