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Therese and Tony Khoury

A glance at Therese and Tony's mezze
A glance at Therese and Tony’s mezze

The couple owns a family restaurant on the terrace of their modest home in Khrayzet at the entrance of Ein Zebde village.

The restaurant offers traditional Lebanese cuisine and homemade mezze and is famous for its fawaregh or “stuffed intestine” dish, available upon request starting September.

Tony Khoury is a farmer from Saghbine who owns lovely apple, olive and peach orchards near his restaurant, where visitors can involve in apple and olive picking activities when in season and while the restaurant is open (from August – November).

Tony and Therese always greet you with a warm smile and create a convivial environment for your time at their cozy restaurant, under the shades of the trees.

The beautiful and warm settings of the family restaurant
The beautiful and warm settings of the family restaurant

Ask their younger son Chady, 13 yrs old, about his wild berry jam and he will proudly explain about the picking process and how he made them with his own hands. He also started experimenting with homemade wine! An enthusiastic young entrepreneur, strong with motivation and full of optimism, definitely and innovator for the future of this family business.

We invite you to know the face behind your apples, the person who put his heart into growing the fruit and much care into picking it just for you.