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Whole fig jam or mrabba el-teen kwez

"Abou enek" or figs with peduncle
“Abou enek” or figs with peduncle

The whole fig fruit is preserved with its peduncle (tail) and serves as a very sweet dessert. Mastic and geranium leaves are added to the jam to enrich its taste and aromatize it.


1 kg of small sized white figs

500 g of sugar

1 liter of water

Juice of 1 lemon

4-5 pebbles of gum Arabic (mastic), grounded

5 geranium leaves, washed

1 cup of sesame seeds, roasted


  1. Rinse the figs and drain them. Dry them with a cloth before cooking and make sure you keep the peduncle (tail)
  2. In a cooking pot, prepare the syrup by heating the sugar and water over medium fire
  3. When the syrup starts boiling, remove the froth when formed and add the figs
  4. Keep stirring gently with a wooden spatula until the mixture boils again and begins to thicken
  5. Add the lemon juice, gum Arabic and geranium leaves and stir for 10 mns
  6. When the jam is thick enough, stir-in the sesame seeds and turn the fire off
  7. Remove the geranium leaves and pour the jam in sterilized glass jars. Make sure the figs are fully covered with syrup
  8. Close the jars tight and turn them upside down to avoid the formation of air pockets. Leave to cool overnight

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